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Wearable Art

Each pendant is unique and can not be exactly replicated. Many are inspired by the beauty of the scenery of the Highlands, both land and sea, others by trips abroad or simply by the glass itself.  These miniature pictures are composed of pieces of glasses that can react differently in the kiln; therefore, the edges often fuse in a fluid shape not a perfect rectangle.  Please remember there are no straight lines in natural scenery and therefore few in the pendants inspired by it.

Some pendants are made of or contain pieces of dichroic glass. This is glass that displays different colours by undergoing a change according to lighting or angle of vision (or as we say “Oh, shiny”) The whole point of this glass is to change as light alters. A static photo will never reflect the full glamour of these pieces, please be aware that you will see more than the tones on the screen when you buy one of these intriguing little lovelies.

All the photographs give accurate colour reproduction on my screen, in my lighting. Difference between computer settings may cause some variation between the images you and I see but it should be minimal and is unlikely to affect your pleasure in the piece.

Our chains are not silver nor are they sold as hypo- allergenic.